BY APB STAFF on 2 Mar 2022

At last! A customisable electric scooter for your superyacht…

Crewser CrwsrYou’ve been there before. The captain has completed stern-to docking manoeuvres into a big, swanky superyacht marina, the passerelle has been deployed, and it is time to hit the marina. But, oh, the distance you have to walk. And in the heat.

An enterprising German company, CRWSR, has addressed this issue with the introduction of the Crewser scooter, designed for superyacht owners.

Their new e-scooter features the power, design and customisation that you’d expect for a superyacht.

The frame is made of an aluminium alloy used in aerospace construction, combining sturdiness with lightweight materials, high load capacity (you may be carrying extra wine) and torsion resistance. The Crewser weighs in at 12.5kg, relatively light for a scooter this size and power.

Crewser CrwsrIts headlight pipe can be in several finishes, including carbon fibre or polished steel. Most importantly, the pipe can be imbued with your own yacht’s logo. If you went to the trouble of naming your yacht something special, why not make sure the scooters have it too?

But apart from the stylish, maritime looks and the emblazoned logo, there’s a lot of engineering that went into the Crewser.

The maximum speed of the Crewser is 35kph, though local restrictions may apply. But that’s fast enough to get crew or guests from the dock to the bar in a hurry. The Crewser’s maximum torque is 16Nm and the motor is 350W, which provides plenty of kick. The lithium batteries allow for a 25km range, which should see guests and crew get to anyplace in the marina or to a local seaside town and back with no difficulty.

Crewser CrwsrThe Crewser comes with twin disc brakes and three settings: Dynamically (S), Factory Settings (D) and Economic (E) for longer ranges.

CRWSR says that charging time on its Crewser scooter is about five hours (from 0 to 100 per cent) on a regular charge. On an optional speed charger, that time is cut to two hours.

But most importantly, your guests can turn up in style when they arrive at the marina’s clubhouse!