BY APB Staff on 30 Jun 2022

The new information hub streamlines resources on clearance, charter, cruising, itineraries, suppliers and more across the South Pacific region into one place

Superyacht New Zealand has launched this week at the Superyacht Cup Palma. The new centralised information hub is designed to help cruisers plan a journey in the South Pacific, from anywhere in the world.

“Superyacht New Zealand brings together the country’s highly-regarded superyacht industry and superyacht-friendly legislation under one umbrella,” the organisation says. “Presenting information on clearance, charter, cruising, itineraries, suppliers and the wider region, Superyacht New Zealand makes the sought-after destination simple to access.”

Superyacht New Zealand will be found at all major international superyacht shows, online and via a hard copy book. Designed for captains, management and owners, forward planning of refit, charter seasons and owner-cruising in the region, information is now streamlined with direct access to all resources grouped in one place.

Photo courtesy Jay Topping/iStock

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With coordinated charter and cruising legislation across the South Pacific, the region is rapidly attracting charter yachts taking advantage of the dual seasons available, combined with fresh experiences for the charter market. With countries dotted down the Pacific and each equipped with superyacht infrastruc-ture, yachts are able to plan seasons in Tahiti and Fiji before moving on to spend time in New Zealand and Australia. The refit hub of New Zealand allows for warrantee repairs and service schedules for new builds, or complex refits to be undertaken to facilitate multiple seasons.

“We chose to launch at the Superyacht Cup Palma, due to our longstanding friendship with the regatta; we’ve been working together as destination partner for many years collaborating with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and we plan for this to continue,” says NZ Marine’s Stacey Cook.

“As two superyacht hubs on the opposite sides of the world, we both deliver great hospitality and exceptional experiences with the unique flavours of our countries.”

The Superyacht New Zealand team celebrated the launch with a cocktail reception on 29 June at the Superyacht Cup Palma, distributing hard copies of the Destination New Zealand Guide. Download the Guide here, and see Superyacht New Zealand for more information.