BY Anna Cummins on 6 May 2023

The new enterprise helps owners, guests and crew customise their fitness journey

Superyacht Fitness

Glen Taylor and Tim Colston, founders of Superyacht Fitness

Fitness aboard superyachts is in vogue right now, with more emphasis being placed on impressive fitness centres in prominent positions aboard. Now, a new enterprise called Superyacht Fitness is promising to take wellness at sea to the next level. 

Superyacht Fitness launched at the 2023 Palma International Boat Show, which returned to Moll Vell from April 27 – 30. Its founders say the firm has been established to ‘deliver innovative options that will maximise both physical and mental wellbeing on board, for owners, guests and crew alike’.

The premise revolves around bespoke onboard gym packages, which can be custom-designed by a team of experts at Superyacht Fitness to cater to precise requirements and available space.

Whether aimed at charter guests, owners or crew members, the team at Superyacht Fitness say they can evaluate the needs and requirements of the vessel in order to cultivate a dynamic environment in which to achieve personal goals.

The firm has partnered with the popular fitness app Myzone, where customised at-sea programmes will be available to join within a growing superyacht community of like-minded users. Incorporated within the app, users have access to a team of professionals, all experts in their field. 

Myzone App

Myzone App

“We are excited to bring Myzone to the water,” says Dave Wright, founder and Group CEO of Myzone. “The versatility of the app in conjunction with the range of wellness choices Superyacht Fitness can deliver is a great combination to have on board. Increasing performance, enhancing mindfulness and inspiring a positive lifestyle, alongside the growth of a dedicated community, brings a whole new dimension to successful superyachting. We are looking forward to developing and enhancing this Myzone space to individual requirements.”

In a statement, Glen Taylor and Tim Colston, founders of Superyacht Fitness, say they are ‘thrilled’ to launch Superyacht Fitness and introduce the ‘360-degree approach to wellness’ into the yachting sector.

“At the heart of what we do, we put people first so they can excel and thrive,” they add. “Our goal is to offer tailored lifestyle choices that enhance and strengthen health and fitness, no matter where you are at sea. Drawing on our many years of widespread experience across the fitness and yachting landscape, we recognise this area of the marine industry has remained unfulfilled. The team are really looking forward to assisting owners, managers, captains and crew to achieving and sustaining their long-term wellbeing plans with personal, full-service solutions for superyachts.”

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