BY APB Staff on 10 Jan 2023

The firms will collaborate to promote sustainable luxury travel

Sunreef Yachts, the luxury yachtbuilder based in Poland, has entered into a partnership with private jet charter company GlobeAir. The boatbuilder says the new collaboration will “provide clients with exclusive luxury travel opportunities while remaining environmentally focused.”

The news comes after Sunreef appointed a new dealer in Singapore, as the firm continues to expand eastwards.

Yachts and GlobeAir insist they are “pioneers of sustainable luxury travel” that seek to set a “new standard for sustainability in the industry as innovators of a greener vision and creating a network of eco-innovators.”

GlobeAir recently signed an MoU with Lilium to purchase electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jets in long-term strategic collaboration to improve sustainability. 

“Sunreef Yachts is currently very focused on making the yachting experience more responsible and sustainable. We want to shift the minds of yacht owners and show them the energy-efficient, electric alternatives available,” says Francis Lapp, Sunreef Yachts founder and president. This transition to e-mobility happens on land and at sea. Thanks to ambitious and forward-thinking companies like GlobeAir, it will also make its way into the skies sooner than we think.”

The partnership seeks to provide clients with a luxurious and sustainable travel experience by offering them access to an array of yachts and private jets, enhanced concierge service and dedicated client touch points. 

“Together, we are building a sustainable ecosystem inspired by a passion for excellence,” adds Bernhard Fragner, CEO of GlobeAir. “With this driving force, GlobeAir and Sunreef Yachts can achieve greatness. The key to innovation lies in the collaboration between parties and binds us together with a collective vision.”