author icon By Jonathon | 11 May 2021

Inflatable Portable Catamarans

Lightweight, versatile, portable catamarans you can take anywhere!

Designed and developed in New Zealand since 2007 these boats have been proven to be unique in its class. The open bow and open transom design are unique whether its fishing, diving, tender for your yacht, flood relief, motorhome use or just to have family fun in, they are capable of doing the job for you.

​They are lightweight, versatile, cost effective, extremely durable and portable compact storage making these boats easily transportable wherever you go.

The Takacat LX Series Inflatable
The original LX open bow makes boarding easier than most if not all other similar types of craft. Its unique fully removable transom system keeps the boat not only dry but also extremely easy to pack away into its 2 storage bags for easy transport. If you are after a high performance, cost effective portable inflatable catamaran look no further. With 6 sizes ranging from 2.6m to 4.6m in length, there is a boat for you.

Key Services
Inflatable Portable Catamarans
Flood Relief
Scuba Diving
Resort and Commercial
Regatta Support Boats
Marine Research
Family Fun