author icon By Jonathon | 15 March 2021

Shipyards, refits and maintenance

Outboard Motor Yachts / Yacht Charter / Shipyard

From its Swiss HQ, Pyxis Yachts has gathered a talented multinational team for a truly special mission covering concept development, manufacturing, distribution and sales. By crafting power boats with high standards of performance and safety thanks to an exclusive hull design. Our products are highly distinctive, featuring a sporty and modern line, for the benefit of all proud owners. Because the extensive R&D invested into all Pyxis Yachts is paired by a keen eye for elegance and style. The hallmark traits of Alessandro Chessa at Akes Design. Today, a new maestro of the Italian nautical industry. While below deck, the brand entrusted itself to the genius and exquisite taste of legend Carlo Galeazzi and his highly experienced interior design team.

Key Services
Shipyards, refits and maintenance
Concept Development & Design
Manufacturing & Series Production
Sales & Customer Support