BY APB STAFF on 7 Oct 2021

UAE-based Enata Marine will be displaying its futuristic Foiler, which reaches thrilling speeds up to 40 knots, at the upcoming Abu Dhabi International Boat Show

Enata Marine will be turning heads with its futuristic-looking Foiler at the upcoming Abu Dhabi International Boat Show, which runs from October 13-16. 

The UAE-based company, the nautical and maritime division of Enata Industries, is behind the incredibly zippy Foiler, which uses four retractable foils to lift itself completely out of the water by 1.5m. This lift offers passengers increased stability and creates the feeling of ‘taking off’ and moving into flight.¬†

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With a lightweight full-carbon hull and 740hp twin V8 diesels, the Foiler can reach top speeds of 28 knots in displacement mode, or flies at thrilling speeds up to 40 knots on its foils. Take off occurs at around 12 knots. 

The Foiler was first launched in 2018, but updated in 2020 with a more efficient industrial-grade hydraulic propulsion system. There are four models available, the open Venturi and the cabin versions: Royale Cabin, GT and Azure.

With a large, open design and two solarium areas for ultimate lounging, the Venturi layout is undoubtedly a platform for adventure seekers and sun worshippers.

The Royale Cabin model is the first cabin version of the Foiler. In contrast to the Venturi model, the Royale Cabin has an air-conditioned cabin up at the bow, a hard top for protection from the elements, and sofa seating at the stern with storage underneath. This model has a double cockpit seat allowing two people to share the piloting experience of the Foiler. 

Enata FoilerThe Foiler GT offers the thrill of a sport model. It features a cabin connected to two front seats from which cruising and flying can be easily controlled through a joystick, enhancing the experience while packing in the fun of a front seat view.

The Foiler Azure layout provides generous luxury deck space with a front cabin, with additional extra seating aft, a large foldaway table and an enclosed rear. 

Enata FoilerWhile the foils are the USP of this yacht, they are completely retractable and the Foiler can be used as a normal yacht, giving the option to sail in waters as shallow as 60cm. The Foiler has been designed to fit into a superyacht tender garage, and can therefore be used as a luxurious tender/limousine or the ultimate day boat.

Visitors to the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show, which is the region’s first boat show of 2021, will be able to see the Foiler flying around. Exhilarating sea trials are available to media and potential clients, by appointment.