BY APB STAFF on 24 Jan 2022

The T8, by Sweden-based Nimbus Boats, is the newest model to the WTC day boat series

The first Nimbus T8 in Hong Kong has been delivered to a Swedish owner, shortly after its arrival into the SAR.

The handover was completed in early January and confirmed by Asiamarine, the exclusive dealer for Nimbus Boats in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam since October 2021.

The Nimbus T8, by Sweden’s Nimbus Boats, is the newest model to the WTC day boat series. The T8 has been turning heads, particularly since picking up first place in the Sports Boats & RIBs Category at the 2021 Motor Boat Awards. Modern in appearance and flexible in its capabilities, the Nimbus T8 can be used as the tender to a luxury motor yacht or as a versatile family boat suitable for socialising, transportation, watersports or relaxation.

Nimbus Boats was founded in 1968, and has historically focused its sales in the European market and US markets. The brand became widely known for its collaborations with tennis star Björn Borg in the 1980s. In 2018, Nimbus acquired Alukin Boats Sweden AB, an established manufacturer of aluminium boats, and Bella-Veneet Oy, with the Bella, Flipper, Aquador and Falcon brands. Brands from Finland-founded Bella-Veenet accounted for 35% of net sales in 2019.

“The T8 provides stable, safe and quiet performance, which makes it easy to operate the boat at high speed,” says Joacim Gustavsson, chief designer at Nimbus. “The construction quality and excellent seaworthiness and handling, combined with superior speed resources, invite a more active style of driving that still feels safe and secure. This boat is a functional day tender for those who appreciate genuine Scandinavian design and value, well-considered solutions, and comfort.”

A popular feature of the T8 is that it can be equipped with a T-top with Lexan roof that provides sun protection without detracting from the exhilarating open-air experience of a day boat, making it a good option for the Hong Kong market. The combination of the T-top and large canopy, which covers the entire aft deck, enables your guests to sit comfortably in a bright, spacious and sheltered setting.

The T8 has a wide walk-around design with generous areas for moving around the boat, which contributes to extra freedom of movement on board and makes it easy to board or leave the boat. In front of the cockpit an optional sunbed provides a welcoming relaxation area. The foredeck also conceals a large hatch with access to the cabin for easy loading.

The cockpit has the same look as the T9 and the helm can be equipped with a 7 inch, 9 inch or 12 inch plotter. Reversible driver’s seats and a mounted retractable table make it possible to produce a dining area for five people in three easy movements. Under the aft sofa there is space for a retractable refrigerator and an easily accessible equipment area. On the afterdeck there is also a shower outlet and two side storage compartments.

The T8 is based on an air-lubricated stepped hull with a low planning threshold and has a cruising speed of between 20-35 knots, with a maximum speed in excess of 40 knots.