BY APB STAFF on 24 Feb 2022

Only 45 international tourists arrived to Bali in the whole of 2021

Bali is now welcoming back travellers from all countries, more than three months after announcing it was open to visitors from selected countries.

While the Indonesian resort island officially opened to visitors from countries including New Zealand, China and Japan in mid-October, there hadn’t since been any direct flights.

On February 16, a Singaporean Airlines flight to Bali touched down to a warm welcome, with the plane carrying the single largest number of passengers on a commercial international flight to Bali since it first closed to foreign tourists in March 2020.

In 2019, Bali drew 6.2 million foreign visitors, but tight pandemic border restrictions have devastated its tourism industry, which is usually worth 54 per cent of its economy. Only 45 international tourists arrived to Bali in the whole of 2021, despite reopening according to CNN.

Bali was never closed for yachts, and remains open for vessels with testing and quarantine protocols in place.

“We can ensure our clients are aware of the last-known situation for yacht arrivals”, notes Captain Thomas Taatjes of Asia Pacific Superyachts Bali. Taatjes reports that when it comes to the arrival of foreign-flagged yachts:

  1. Yachts can arrive direct into Bali.
  2. A visa is needed in advance of arrival and is valid for 6 months for all nationalities (for those fully vaccinated).
  3. Onboard, crew must quarantine for four nights on arrival.
  4. Guests can fly in and go directly to the yacht

Starting March 1, tourists who have received three Covid-19 vaccine doses will be able to quarantine for just three days (down from five), although PCR testing on arrival is a condition of entry. There are also reports that quarantine coming into Indonesia will be scrapped altogether in April along with Visa on Arrival facilities back open.

Indonesia re-opened in February 2022 and applications from yachts for the B211A visa are now welcomed. This visa is for a period of 180 days, 60 days first followed by four extensions of 30 days each time.

Asia Pacific Superyachts Bali reports that all crew must obtain a negative PCR test, taken 72 hours prior to departure from the last port. Agents will handle paperwork which includes test results and the following paperwork to be given to the marina at your port of entry: copies of visas; boat registration; insurance; port clearance; stamped crew list; vessel declaration form; copies of all crew passports. Once quarantine has been completed and all crew test negatively, yachts are free to sail in Indonesian waters.