BY APB Staff on 3 Jun 2022

The four-day event includes a conference focusing on urban reef conservation and ocean plastic reduction, an awards ceremony and a showcase of sustainable luxury

One°15 Marina in Singapore

Fabien Cousteau has been confirmed as a keynote speaker for the inaugural Blue Water EduFest conference in Singapore this November.

Marine conservation champions will converge for the four-day event, which takes place from 3-6 November 2022 at One°15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore. Organisers One15 Events Management say the conference seeks to raise awareness about marine conservation and to highlight the efforts of eco-champions around the region.

Partnered by Sentosa Development Corporation and International Seakeepers Society Asia, Blue Water EduFest is targeted at policymakers and industry players involved in infrastructure development, yacht owners, entrepreneurs, media influencers and individuals with a keen interest in protecting our oceans.

“With the increased focus on protecting marine biodiversity in Singapore, the inception of Blue Water EduFest serves as an annual crucial platform for all relevant stakeholders to build, connect and unite as one cohesive community to protect our oceans for future generations,” organisers say.

The idea for the event came from Arthur Tay, CEO of SUTL, a group of companies that manages various businesses and also owns and operates marinas. Tay says: “As a boater and diver, I’ve experienced the sorry state of our ocean and it’s truly heartbreaking. For me, there are two important colours of nature that affect lives and livelihoods; blue and green. Green is of course our flora and fauna and blue refers to our oceans and coastlines which are quickly deteriorating due to negligence, ignorance and sometimes selfishness.

Therefore, we need to garner strong support to advance the ‘Blue Water movement’ in this part of the world, in close collaboration with the governments and industry partners in the region.”

Organisers say that Blue Water EduFest will have three components. The first is a two-day conference, Ocean Collective Summit, organised in partnership with International Seakeepers Society Asia featuring international speakers that focuses on urban reef conservation and ocean plastic reduction. The conference keynote speaker is renowned oceanographic explorer and ‘aquanaut”, Fabien Cousteau.

Cousteau, who is founder of The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Centre and Proteus Ocean Group, says: “The ocean is the lifeline for all life on Earth and holds unlimited solutions to issues humanity faces today, especially as it relates to climate change and sustainability. To make real traction toward a positive impact on the planet, we must expand our focus and reframe how we think about conservation. I’m thrilled to be part of The Ocean Collective Summit and discuss these challenges and potential solutions with those who are leading change.”

The second component includes a nightly fundraising event with two key elements. Firstly, the “Blue Water Heroes Awards” will honour and recognise individuals and organisations that have contributed to ocean conservation in Southeast Asia. Secondly, a nightly charity auction will showcase a curated list of items with sustainable features or values with proceeds going to beneficiaries: WWF-Singapore and International SeaKeepers Society Asia.

The third component will be a mini sustainable luxury showcase featuring electric vehicles, timepieces, yachts and jewellery, with sustainable initiatives or values.

The event is open to the public. Ticket sales are available now on the Blue Water EduFest website.