BY Ryan Swift on 11 May 2023

Southeast Asia yacht industry veteran on electric yachting and the post-Covid yacht market in Asia

Håkan Lange, founder of Derani Yachts in 2004, has been selling yachts in Asia since 1996. He has seen plenty of boating trends come and go. Now, he is convinced that electric and hybrid yachts are the future for Southeast Asian buyers.

“I think the electrification of boating is going to go very quickly. Whoever comes in first is going to have a head start over the rest.”

Derani Yachts currently sells Horizon Yachts, Wider, Greenline, Fleming, Axopar and Brabus, which is an offshoot of the Axopar line. Lange says that he feels Asia-based owners are starting to take note of the benefits that electric or hybrid yachts can offer – less emissions, lower fuel bills, and quieter running – compared to the thrill of high speed. 

“I think the timing is right because people want to be seen as green, and they are curious about alternative systems,” says Lange.

Derani recently became the dealer for Greenline Yachts out of Slovenia. Greenline specialises in electric and hybrid propulsion packages, with photovoltaic solar power production. Wider Yachts out of Italy has widely promoted its “serial hybrid technology” and announced a new 92-foot power catamaran line. Meanwhile, Brabus, a slightly edgier, racier offshoot brand of Axopar, has plans for an electric version of its Brabus 500 Shadow, according to Lange, who got the Axopar dealership in 2015.

The new Wider Cat 92 will have a hybrid power system. Derani Yachts is the dealer for Southeast Asia

He notes that even with improvements in battery technology and capacity, there is still customer apprehension on key issues. “I think the biggest concern for a lot of people is the after sales support: ‘Is the staff competent in the areas that can quickly give the necessary support, and how reliable are the new systems?’”

Greenline Yachts has entered into a partnership with Derani Yachts, a brokerage and dealership with a strong presence in Southeast Asia.

A Greenline Yacht from Slovenia

Lange has partnered with Drake Marine, a service company skilled on solar panels and related electrical systems. Drake is based in the UK but has a substantial presence in Phuket and Malaysia. 

The Asia market

Covid restrictions created a massive yachting boom that may be slowing down in major markets, but the future remains very positive in Asia, according to Lange. “I don’t see Asia being affected by any possible downturn,” he says.

Lange suggests that the European market may be experiencing a downturn in sales volume thanks to uncertainty created by the war in Ukraine. He reports that European builders are starting to get cancelations from European buyers, thus opening build slots for eager Asia-based buyers.

Derani Yachts sold “a tonne” of boats into Hong Kong during the Covid lockdowns, according to Lange, but he has opted to keep a relatively low profile in the city-state, with an after-sales service manager taking care of clients. He still sells Axopar boats into Hong Kong, but the main focus for him will be in Thailand, Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Lange was a key exhibitor at the recent Singapore Yachting Festival, which he praises for good organisation and good results, despite the very short preparation time.

Håkan Lange founded Derani Yachts in 2004 and has been selling yachts in Asia since 1996

“We are very pleased with the organisation, we were very pleased with the crowd we met and the support leading up to the show,” said Lange. “With just over two months to put it all together, I think it was a really good effort.”

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