BY APB STAFF on 2 Dec 2021

The summit, organised by Economist Impact, offers key insights for yacht owners and investors

At Asia-Pacific Boating, we are proud to announce our official partnership as Supporting Organisation with the upcoming World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific 2021, organised by Economist Impact, part of The Economist Group.

The virtual summit, from December 6 to 10, will convene 100 speakers and 2,000 participants virtually over five days. A range of high-profile speakers will discuss the future of ocean conservation, blue finance, aquaculture, fisheries and more.

The list of speakers at World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific 2021

There are discussions planned around the future of marine protected areas in Asia, the ways in which corporations and NGOs hope to reduce marine plastic pollution in Asia, and the use of financial instruments such as blue bonds in protecting the oceans.

Since 2012, The Economist Group has convened the annual World Ocean Summit as part of the Group’s World Ocean Initiative. The aim is to drive an agenda of ocean protection that brings together people from business, government and civil society.

For Asia’s superyacht owners, the future of alternative fuels for the shipping industry may also point to the future of yachting propulsion. As new infrastructure is developed to accommodate commercial vessels using alternative fuels, so yacht and superyacht owners may find zero-emissions solutions for new vessels.

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Superyacht visitors and marine tourists to the Asia-Pacific, coming in search of pristine waters, can learn more about what is being done to protect some of the most amazing marine environments on Earth, both from overfishing and pollution.

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Investors can find out more about the opportunities in offshore wind development in Asia and even in the future of green hydrogen.

Male, Maldives. Photo courtesy Ishan Hassan / Ocean Image Bank

The World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific 2021 will hear from leaders in business and finance, as well as scientists, researchers and political leaders.

We relaunched Asia-Pacific Boating in 2020 with a new editorial focus on ocean conservation, marine life and clean technology for boating. Under our Blue Planet section, we have published the stories of dedicated conservationists, features on successes and challenges in conservation, and on the work of the yacht industry in cutting waste and carbon emissions.

We believe that the yachting community has a vital role in helping to promote the conservation of our oceans and marine life.

Find out more about the World Summit here and register to participate.