BY Andrew Dembina on 5 May 2022

APAC yacht charters – as in other parts of the world – are booming and bringing fresh interest to boating. In our latest issue, we take a look at some of the region's top yachts for hire, and explore the region's most exquisite charter locations

With much of the Asia-Pacific region well into the warm and sunny season, our May/June 2022 charter issue has extra resonance. This sector within the boating industry, much like sales, has been booming of late. When local Covid-19 restrictions on numbers on board have permitted it, operations across the region have seen an increase in demand from both existing charter clients and first-timers. In places where day hires had always accounted for most bookings, suddenly the possibility of overnight (or longer) trips dawned on those who could go overseas for travel.

In a special cover feature this issue, we look at 20 top yachts for hire within the region – a small selection across various types and sizes of vessel, from the many appealing charter possibilities out there.

Also in the magazine, as well as our regular selection of regional news, we introduce Spotlight reviews on seven recently launched yacht models – including an Asia debut for a 13.6m power catamaran that’s very clever with onboard space, and a 24m sailing catamaran with ultra-thin solar panels within its composite structure. Two exciting dayboats from Europe also feature, as does a new Australian flybridge that has opted for some European design input.

Within this issue’s Features section, the breadth of story themes dips into the digital sphere, with an explanation of a brand new app launched in Hong Kong that takes the worry out of yacht maintenance and performance. We also ask experts how cryptocurrency is making an impact on the yachting world, while our Destination story describes the yachting possibilities in the very appealing island nation of Fiji.

In our Blue Planet section, enjoy a meaningful take on humanity’s relationship with the planet’s oceans in a highly informed and accessible article entitled The Global Ocean. We also track the movements of the France-based, self-sufficient yacht- cum-marine laboratory, Energy Observer, which launched in 2017 and stopped off in Singapore for 10 days during its ongoing global circumnavigation.

Environmental impact at sea makes itself felt in our Marine Life section in this issue. We discover the artworks created by an art and design studio in Hong Kong that upcycles marine waste, making it both decorative and thought-provoking – and sometimes functional. Additionally, we delve into the world of freediving – the art of diving that’s unaided with breathing apparatus – according to a Padi diving instructor in Malaysia.

Our guest Comment columns this issue include a newsworthy take on the initial steps in the simplification of importation and registration required for yachts in Hainan Island in southern China; ways financial and other industries can work with sustainability – including their impact on our oceans – more effectively; and, with several onboard yacht fires in the news over the last 12 months, we hear a few practical tips suggested by a key marina figure.

A reminder that our website has just gone through an extensive revamp and is now even more dynamic, intuitive and easy on the eyes. Just before unveiling our redesign in April, the website received about 25,000 first-time visitors. We believe this number will rise further as APB has several exciting new digital projects in the pipeline.

Wishing everyone plenty of boating fun this May and June, whether chartering a yacht or otherwise.