BY Ryan Swift on 23 May 2023

The first yacht in the Arksen series of explorer yachts finally hits the water

Humphreys Yacht Design announced the launch of the Arksen 85 ‘Project Pelagos’ at Wight Shipyard in East Cowes, UK. The UK-based yacht design firm has been deeply involved in the Arksen project, founded by Jasper Smith.

The Arksen project is aimed at building a fleet of explorer yachts for the mid-range yacht segment. The company has three models available: 85, 75 and 65. The design is ultra-fuel efficient. Working extensively on hull testing and design, the 27m 85 has a reported range of 7,000 nautical miles, offering ultra-long range, independent sailing and ocean-crossing capability. The hull shape is fast displacement. The design and exterior have been kept simple and robust, allowing for better seaworthiness for tough conditions.

The Arksen boats also offer high load carrying capability to allow a wide range of equipment for both recreational and research purposes to be taken onboard. The Arksen yachts are built in rugged aluminium, with shell plate thickness significantly greater than Class requirements, according to Humphreys Yacht Design.

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“It’s great to see the first Arksen 85 in the water after an intensive but thoroughly enjoyable period of development. Efficiency and capability has been a focal point throughout and has very much aligned with our own ethos as a design office,” said Tom Humphreys, director, Humphreys Yacht Design.

The Arksen project takes yacht ownership to another level by offering Arksen yacht buyers access to a larger organisation that encourages exploration and science. The Arksen Explorers club offers buyers a concierge service to help owners do long-range expedition style yacht adventures. Arksen also started a Yachts For Science group, which lets Arksen owners put their vessels at the service of marine scientists and oceanographers.

“Arksen has an enlightened vision, seeking the efficiency and purposefulness that we believe will continue to frame motor yacht design in the years to come,” said Rob Humphreys, the founder of Humphreys Yacht Design

Another Arksen 85, Project Ocean, will launch later this year.

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